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I need some oval or rectangular (with very rounded corners) tubing that tapers in size.

On one end, it needs to be approx. 2.0" x 1.45", on the other end it needs to be 2.5" x 2.0".

They need to be approximately 6" in length each.

The attached pictures show the small end. Ignore the bump on one of the long walls, the tubing doesn’t need that feature.

These aren’t super-tight tolerance parts. If you can get close, I can probably alter the design to accomodate small changes, especially if it saves me money over having to produce some expensive tooling.

I would like to be able to get some initial samples (say 5- 10) to ensure all the measurements are correct and that they will work with our design, then after confirming they are correct, go ahead with producing the larger quantities.

This is for a new product, that we already have orders for. Its possible that we may very well need four to five times as many as listed (annual usage).

I have attached 8 SolidWorks parts and drawings. Basically it is the same part, two different lengths (6" and 4") and two different versions of each length. One version only tapers on two sides, the other version tapers on all four sides. I don’t really have a preference yet, but I think the 4-side taper would be most effective. I’d like to see if there is any pricing differences between these.


Industrie Automobilindustrie
Stadt / Region Pryor, Oklahoma
Land USA


RFQ-Anzahl 344394
Material Aluminium
Materialgüte Alum 6061

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