Flat Blank Back Part for Name Badges

Diese Ausschreibung wurde auf www.MFG.com bezogen in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES für Stanzwerkzeugherstellung

Buyer needs to punch out a flat piece of aluminum in quantity of 100,000 annually. The dimensions are 23 x 75 x 0.5 ~ 0.7 mm(thickness). Corners are slightly rounded. The top component for this back part is the same dimensions but has a bevel edge finish. The top part will have a seat on the inside to accomodate a double sided foam tape of 0.30 mm to allow it to bond to the flat base plate without an air gap. Sample of the product can be sent across once there is a bid interest. As the component size is small and the material is thin aluminum, the understanding is that a high tonnage press is not required. Buyer is thinking of going with an Arbor press for this type of job, probably about 3 to 5 tonnes should be more than enough. Once satisied with the intial die production quality, Buyer will then need to order another 5 sets of dies with different shapes, and different back parts, within the dimesions stated above, using the same material.


Industrie Konsumgüter
Stadt / Region Sharjah, Ash Shariqah


RFQ-Anzahl 722987
Material Aluminium

Technische Daten

Kategorie Stanzwerkzeugherstellung
Größe 75x23x0 mm