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Attached is a file with the shape of a stroller sign (bear head) that Buyer is looking to produce.
• There would need to be a hole between the ears (which is not shown on the drawing) so it can be hung.
• The buyer would like it to be made of a non-toxic vinyl/silicone/rubber--basically any material that is safe for children and can be easily wiped off to clean. They are flexible on the material so please feel free to make suggestions.
• The size would be in the area of 3.5" by 3.5" with a thickness of 1/16" or 1/8". We are also flexible on this but the buyer just wanted to provide you with an approximate size.
• Buyer would be interested in having a link (such as the attached) to also be made so as to attach the tag to a stroller.
• On one side of the tag they would have different sayings printed and on the other they would have the bear face along with their website name printed.
• The buyer is interested in offering this tag in different colors. The colors the buyer are interested in are: blue, pink and yellow/orange.
• In terms of packaging, they would want a simple see thru plastic bag (like a smaller version of a ziplock) with a paper insert describing the many uses for the stroller tag.

Buyer is open to any suggestions or recommendations on the above. Please contact through MFG.com messaging system.


Teilenummer:       Bear
Material:       Vinylal

Technische Daten


Größe0.0 x 0.0 inch

Jährliche Nutzung:10000.0

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