Head Top Casting

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Production of a Head Top Casting (Plaster Mold Casting). Approximately 7.416 inch x 6.968 inch x 2.662 inch. Please see drawing for all specifications.

This part is intended to be cast aluminum. Buyer does not have a specific alloy selected at this point. Process is not as import as preferred surface finish between 60-150 RMS. Buyer would like to work with casting company to select an alloy/process that would minimize the issues had when powder coating the finished casting. The first file reflects the cast model and the second file reflects the machined features. Drawings can be made if necessary to quote. 


Teilenummer:       C-007353
Material:       Aluminium

Technische Daten


Größe7.416 x 6.968 x 2.662 inch


Jährliche Nutzung:100.0