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服装 车间, 面料与辅料 车间 上海 (Shanghai), 中国, 商业代表 (代理)

XN international Co.,Ltd. It is one in order to invest in that has been established for many years. The commercial affair is negotiated. Foreign trade. Development. Sell. Production. Design. Study.Agriculture.Food.Underwear.Building.Real estate.Finance.Stock.Field of developing etc.. With the clothes. The fabrics are the comprehensive company of taps. The company has passed the efforts for many years.Financing.Electron.Hotels.TravelDevoted to the innovation of idea and technology. With the advanced production technology, change of market of technological innovation, good service, concern. In the traffic. Information. Technology and resource respect occupy the alone thick advantage. And have a high-level team. The company has large quantities of talents. Advanced administrative staff. Senior clothes designer. The intermediate, the above professional title, technician personnel. Elementary academic personnel,etc.!


XN international Co.,Ltd., 是在为机械设备行业,汽车业,航空航天业,... 查找供应商(机加工厂,钣金厂,铸造厂,模具厂,纺织厂等等)吗?访问MFG.com了解详情。

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