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Parts On Demand is a turnkey product development company specialized in staying flexible and nimble to quickly respond to client needs and market evolution.


By continuously evolving our services, seeing “challenges” as OPPORTUNITIES and deploying cost effective and proven design-through-manufacturing results we are able to meet your needs. ON DEMAND.

Be it New Product Development, Rapid Prototype parts in hours, on demand CAD Creation, or Part Fabrication you will work directly with a seasoned expert qualified to provide the support your project requires.

Our co-founder has over 25 years of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing experience that was gained running manufacturing operations at Fortune 500 companies such as GM, Saturn, Clorox and PepsiCo. He has firsthand experience designing products for manufacturability in a variety of industries and knows what to look for to save you time and money at any stage of product development. Rest assured that your project needs will be handled by an experienced design team focusing in industrial design, mechanical engineering, reverse/value engineering and FEA.

Parts On Demand understands the importance of confidentiality. Serving industries ranging from aerospace and medical to product development for the latest consumer products, we safeguard your designs and sign non-disclosures as our commitment to confidentiality.


POD, 以下来自机械制造业、自动化行业、汽车制造业等行业,位于 的供应商(包括机加工厂、钣金厂、铸造厂、模具厂、纺织品厂等等)提供各类定制加工、机械加工服务及纺织品生产。 访问 www.MFG.com了解更多信息。

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  • 2010-10-21
This RFQ for a glow-in-the-dark plastic, liquid filled, functioning (needle points north), "Moral Compass" was awarded on 2/28/08 to Parts On Demand (POD). Although I awarded the RFQ to Parts On Demand in Colorado, the manufacturing and assembly were going to be done in China after POD did the designing and engineering. The compasses arrived in Philadelphia and I had to go pick them up in late August 2008 from customs (to save on the outrageous shipping charges). Upon first inspection there were about 3500 out of 10000 with quality problems such as needles not functioning, big air bubbles, and printing being out of place. I talked with POD about these issues and they were going to have replacements made from the plant in China. Later in 2008 as the temperature started to fall below 70 degrees, I noticed that all the other compasses started developing air bubbles. In fairness, when the temperature rises above 70 the bubbles diminish, but having said that, air bubbles should not form just because the temp. drops below a still very warm 70 degrees. POD has talked with the plant many times to find out the status of the replacement compasses but as of now 10/15/2010 I still have yet to receive any and the plant in China has refused to even show proof that they are being made despite their claims that they are. POD and I have stayed in contact and I believe that they are trying to get the compasses made, but it seems now that they can't even get their plant in China to communicate with them as I have been cc'd on the emails sent to China but the plant no longer is returning the emails.
Robert P.
  • Boulder, Colorado
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