METALSPEC LTD (Zhurui Aluminium Products Factory)

铸造 车间, 钣金及结构件 车间 广东 (Guangdong), 中国, 供应商

Metalspec Ltd (Zhurui Metal Products Factory) *A professional manufacturer of machined & fabricated aluminium parts & products and other metal parts & products. *A supplier of one-stop service and total metal solution: design, rapid prototyping, tooling, machining, fabrication, surface treatment, assembling, packaging and shipment of metal (aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, zinc, etc) parts and products **Company Profile: Metalspec Ltd (Zhurui Metal Products Factory) is a professional manufacturer and exporter of machined & fabricated aluminium parts & products and other metal parts and products. We have equipped ourselves with many kinds of machines, which enable us to perform extensive machining & fabrication for our customers. The equipment includes CNC milling machines, CNC engraving machines, CNC turning machines, precision saws, stamping machines, bending machines, milling machines, drilling machines, taping machines, brushing and polishing machines, etc. We have in-house anodising and electroplating workshops. We keep promise, provide good service, pay attention to every detail of cooperation. Metalspec Ltd (Zhurui Metal Products Factory) is situated in largest production base of aluminium products in China, the third largest city in Guangdong province – Foshan city which enjoys very convenient transportation. It’s 10 kilometers from Guangzhou metro subway station and about 45 minutes drive from Baiyun International Airport to Metalspec Ltd. And it’s about 2 to 3 hours drive by truck from Metalspec Ltd to the container terminals of ports of Huangpu of Guangzhou, Yantian, Sekou & Chiwan of Shenzhen. We have over 100 employees including 5 engineers, 10 technicians and a team of 18 management personnel at Metalspec Ltd (Zhurui Metal Products Factory). We have advanced production and quality management systems which enable us to meet our customers’ different requirements. We sincerely expect to cooperate with you. **Machining, Fabrication & Surface Finish: CNC machining Bending Drilling, threading Milling Cutting to length Laser engraving Stamping Turning Welding Tumbling Polishing Brushing Anodising Powder coating Painting Electroplating **Quality and packing: Good quality is the core competence of Metalspec Ltd (Zhurui Metal Products Factory) . Our good quality products are exported to Japan, Europe and America. We practice strict quality control starting from raw material purchasing, machining & fabrication, surface finishing, assembling, packing and shipment etc. In many cases, we conduct 100% inspection on the product to ensure perfect quality to our customers.

METALSPEC LTD (Zhurui Aluminium Products Factory), 下列供应商(机加工厂,钣金厂,铸造厂,模具厂,纺织厂等等)提供专业制造加工服务,是MFG.com网站会员。 访问www.MFG.com了解详情.

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METALSPEC LTD (Zhurui Aluminium Products Factory) METALSPEC LTD (Zhurui Aluminium Products Factory)
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Exellent supplier with good suggestions to my product design, we are very impressived satisfied with quickly samples I received, Looking forward to the bulk products.
percy c.
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