Lyontek Inc.

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Lyontek Incorporation is a fabless IC design company locate
in HsinChu Science-Based Industrial Park,Taiwan ROC.

  We offer many product-line including full line SRAMs
(Low power & High speed)、Audio Amplifier Class D and Class AB;
Nonvolatile Memory , Pb-free and Green package,and so on...
  We provide our customer the professional service with
best quality, fast delivery and real-time service.

Lyontek Inc., 以下来自机械制造业、自动化行业、汽车制造业等行业,位于 的供应商(包括机加工厂、钣金厂、铸造厂、模具厂、纺织品厂等等)提供各类定制加工、机械加工服务及纺织品生产。 访问 www.MFG.com了解更多信息。

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