Jinghao Enterprise Shares CO. Ltd.

电子元件装配 车间, 电路板 车间 上海 (Shanghai), 中国, 供应商

Jinghao Enterprise Shares CO. Ltd. 是 供应商 位於 HUIZHOU, GUANGDONG, 上海 (Shanghai), 中国.


  • hearing aid
  • nebulizer
  • ear zoom
  • hearing amplifier
  • sound amplifier
  • ear aid
  • ear hearing
  • aid hearing
  • air hospital cushion
  • air mattress with electronic pump
  • body hearing aids
  • finger pulse oximeter
  • stop snoring device
  • electronic arm type digital blood pressure meters
  • digital sphygmomanometers
  • digital electronic bp monitor


  • Factory
  • Manufacturer
  • producting health products
  • OEM brand and color
  • OEM brand Logo and color
  • Personal sound amplifier Hearing aid TV selling products personal care Piston compressor Nebulizers
  • CE and Rohs
  • Quality First Service First and Customer First.
  • have our own researching and developing teams

Jinghao Enterprise Shares CO. Ltd., 下列供应商(机加工厂,钣金厂,铸造厂,模具厂,纺织厂等等)提供专业制造加工服务,是MFG.com网站会员。 访问www.MFG.com了解详情.

  • HUIZHOU, GUANGDONG, 上海 (Shanghai)
  • 中国 516001