Hong Kong really LONGWEI international co., LTD.

服装 车间, 服装配件 车间 广东 (Guangdong), 中国, 制造商

我们公司是一家纺织品生产厂家。生产各种服装【针织。梭织】,和箱包及工艺品。分厂为。第一分厂专做梭织服装;休闲装 棉衣  夹克  休闲衬衫  工作服  军装【休闲】连体工作服牛仔类。连体工作服                                                                 第二分厂针织服装内衣;运动装 文化衫 休闲  T-恤  卫衣一类。                     
第三分厂毛衫  帽子  手套。箱包和工艺品。  
主要用于出口。   总公司成立于1992年不断扩展新的项目。公司的宗旨;【以诚为本,客户没小事。】今年又成立了面料采购供应部门。十分的方便。



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  • Textile industry

Hong Kong really LONGWEI international co., LTD., 以下来自机械制造业、自动化行业、汽车制造业等行业,位于 的供应商(包括机加工厂、钣金厂、铸造厂、模具厂、纺织品厂等等)提供各类定制加工、机械加工服务及纺织品生产。 访问 www.MFG.com了解更多信息。

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Hong Kong really LONGWEI international co., LTD. Hong Kong really LONGWEI international co., LTD.
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  • 2012-10-26
DO NOT do business with these people! There are plenty of other reputable suppliers out there on MFG. These suppliers did not commit to their shipping terms of DDP which caused us to have to pay more on shipping and duty than the price of the goods that were ordered. Before we paid for the items they assured us that their quote included shipping and duty costs. After we had sent the money they then asked us to send more for shipping. We made them aware of the original shipping terms in the given quote and then they offered us a refund. When we took that option they refused to repay us and proceeded to send the shipment, leaving us to incur the costs for shipping and duty. They then refused to reimburse us. Quite frankly I would not recommend these suppliers to an enemy.
Lee S.
  • #656225
  • 2012-08-09
Fast and accurate. Good Quality.
Antti S.
  • #562319
  • 2010-10-25
Excellent workmanship and finish. fast response.
Beatrice T.
  • #549187
  • 2010-03-29
Excellent service, quality and on time even on short notice.
Jim W.
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