ACM Mechatronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd

装配 车间, 工程与设计服务 车间 江苏 (Jiangsu), 中国, 供应商

HQ in Malaysia, manufacturing plant in Malaysia, Israel and China.

We specialize in precision machining and mechanical module assembly:
-with lot size from 10 pieces per year, as well as challenging single parts
-out of different materials, ferrous and non-ferrous
-parts with free formed surfaces
-parts with maximum dimensions up to 2 meters length
-complete mechanical, electrical, pneumatical and sensor assembly

ACM Mechatronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd, 是在为机械设备行业,汽车业,航空航天业,... 查找供应商(机加工厂,钣金厂,铸造厂,模具厂,纺织厂等等)吗?访问MFG.com了解详情。

  • Jiangsu, 江苏 (Jiangsu)
  • 中国 215500