fiberglass crossarm

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Production of a fiberglass crossarm. Approximately 120" long x 4.625" wide x 3.625" thick. Please see drawing for specific dimensions. The part is a fiberglass crossarm that is foam-filled. Please see RFQs 62651, 62652, 62653, 62654, and 62655 for related parts. All five RFQs are part of a project and the buyer would prefer one supplier if possible.
The buyer is bidding on this job for a customer. Although the order is not firm at this time, the buyer will notify all quoting parties once a decision has been made.


城市/地区 Whittier, California
国家 USA


询价号码 363458
材料 Composite
材料等级 foam filled fiberglass


類別 层叠

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层叠: 层叠是一种手工工艺,即将树脂浸渍塑料或玻璃纤维叠放在型模上,一直到达到期望厚度。