Wooden Prototype thermoforming mold

此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 热成型模具制造

Buyer is looking for someone who can manufacture a WOODEN prototype mold for Buyer's local thermoforming process.
Note: Thermoplastic was selected as a placeholder value.  The Buyer is in search of a WOODEN prototype mold.  The actual part is listed as being Thermoplastic component.

Attached is the part that the Buyer is trying to achieve. It has dimensions of 4.25" (height), 30" (width), and 69" (length).

The mold would need to be designed, though with this being a prototype mold, the parameters are not too stringent. This mold is for part verification; not full part production.

Buyer has another RFQ for an aluminum mold for full-production.


行业 HVAC(加热,通风和空气调节装置)
城市/地区 Conyers, Georgia
国家 USA


询价号码 723754
材料 热塑性材料


類別 热成型模具制造
尺寸 68x30x4 inch

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热成型模具制造: 热成型制造工艺是指将热塑性板材或薄膜在温控、单面模具上方或内部加热并伸展。 热成型模具通常用于几何形状比较简单的零件。