Velcro Fastening Super Absorbent Briefs

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100% cotton flannelette with an easily-adjusted Velcro closure at waist and leg. Two layers of flannel sandwich a 5 layer absorbent panel. Easier to change than pull ups and ideal for wearing under plastic pants.Hip hugger fit and low waist,ideal for day time use. available in various prints Please note that the print may vary from the one shown in the photo. Please email for latest prints. Plastic pants are required with this product. Sizes:Small,waist max 32, side seam 8,hips / Medium,waist max 36, side seam 8.5,hips / Large,waist max 40, side seam 9,hips /X Large,waist max 44, side seam 9.5,hips / XX Large, 44 to 48 inch waist. Please specify in quotation what’s the material grade used. The buyer would like to know what’s the minimum quantity to order and what would be the price for it.


行业 消费产品
城市/地区 Manchester, Lancashire


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類別 医用纺织品

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医用纺织品: 医用纺织品包括保护用品,比如伤口护材和医用绷带。