Tube Connector

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Hypodermic tube fabrication, OD .016" x 1.00 " long, Requires extreme precision in grinding and drilling +/-.0003" Not an actual production part, looking for fabricators with miniature components experience for ongoing project. Successful completion of test assembly demonstrates capabilities necessary for prototype design. Looking for serious inquiries from proven fabricators with past miniature/micro experience. Tired of paying setup charges and schedule delays on vendors who can’t deliver on promises. Will ask for evidence of past work.


行业 医药工业
城市/地区 Richardson, Texas
国家 USA


询价号码 509486
材料 Acier inox
材料等级 SS304


類別 微孔加工

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微孔加工: 微孔加工是钻削极小的高精度孔的工艺。 有些钻削服务可以钻取穿过一根人发的小孔。