The Lettuce Ladder - 2

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Self-contained Hydroponic Growing System. Product is geared towards people that do not have access to a garden or cannot grow herbs or vegetables due to lack of space. Product offers vertical growing and an alternative to using soil to grow plants. Soil-less mediums are used to replace garden or bagged soil.

Buyer requires 4 growing pots for each hydroponic growing system. Buyer hopes to have 100 growing systems manufactured to start. The pots are part of the system and Buyer requires 400 to start.

Buyer is open to suggestions regarding type of plastic for the pots. Polypropylene was suggested but preferably of a recycled material if possible. Pots must be clean of all stamps or advertising. They are to be a dark gray color that does not allow light to penetrate. The weight of each pot is to be no more than 1.40 OZ but no less than 1 oz.

Please review the attached design files and pictures of the pots. ** (Please disregard the black "ring" around the pictures of the pots as this item is to be manufactured separately. This ring will hold the planter pot as shown)

Buyer has 3D images but at this point please review the files attached to offer your quote.


行业 消费产品
城市/地区 Higganum, Connecticut
国家 USA


询价号码 711151
材料 热塑性材料


類別 吹塑模具制造
尺寸 7x3 inch

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吹塑模具制造: 吹塑成型是形成中空塑料零件的制造工艺。 吹塑成型一般有三种主要类型,即挤出吹塑成型、注塑吹塑成型和拉伸吹塑成型。