TO Holder

此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 铸造件加工

Please quote on the following drawings, Note: the part (TO HOLDER) is MIM (metal injection molded) We will supply the parts. They need two machining operations. A C-bore which was not molded in and a light cleanup cut on the 3 mm dia. bore shown. The parts were not molded to print and there is about .2 MM that needs to be removed. The bottom of the bore does not have to be machined. The bore is out of round and does not have to clean up. There is a 2.9 mm dia. part that slips into the bore. Note: the largest O.D. on the Isolater Reducer is a slip fit into the TO Holder.


行业 工程及工程设计行业
城市/地区 Johns Island, South Carolina
国家 USA


询价号码 336147
材料 合金钢
材料等级 316 stainless


類別 铸造件加工

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铸造件加工: 如果客户需要将已有的毛坯铸造件加工到规格要求,则会使用铸造件加工工艺。注意: 如果零件需要先浇铸然后再加工,这样的零件最适合使用铸造工艺。