Switch Plates

此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 定线与钻孔

Approximately 6 standard switch plate designs (e.g., single toggle switch, double electrical, etc.). Please see our website at dvsplates.com. Please do not call our company numbers (on the website) direct, contact Jon Caforio (via e- mail is preferred). We require high quality (see page 7 for our internal specifications). This RFQ is for an expansion to our current lines and will obviously not be handcrafted. However, please keep in mind the spirit of our brand. Samples are available on request. We do not require these plates to be manufactured in the USA. However, the wood types of Cherry, Maple, Oak, Poplar (Paint Grade) are North American woods. Follow-on ordering is expected. Quantities will depend on demand in the marketplace. A complete breakdown of quantities to be quoted/ordered is listed in the .xls sheet attached.


城市/地区 Elmhurst, Illinois
国家 USA


询价号码 319719
材料等级 Cherry, Maple, Oak, Poplar (Paint Grade)


類別 定线与钻孔

以下来自机械制造业、自动化行业、汽车制造业等行业,位于 的供应商(包括机加工厂、钣金厂、铸造厂、模具厂、纺织品厂等等)提供各类定制加工、机械加工服务及纺织品生产。 访问 www.MFG.com了解更多信息。

定线与钻孔: 木材定线是在木材表面切削出图案的工艺。 定线通常用于边缘表面,使其平滑、产生斜角或圆角。 利用定线加工还可以使木器表面的插入件容纳镶嵌物。