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此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 车削

Buyer will handle the following:

  • Freight expense from you to us.
  • Part tagging/bagging and packaging (with RFID labels) to Mil Spec standards.
  • Pay you, on-time, per agreed terms (usually 30 days, or as negotiated).
  • We always accept delivery as soon as parts are ready.

Supplier will handle the following:

  • Your lowest price. Government solicitations are very competitive.
  • Material to the current industry/military spec per the drawing.
  • A complete quote, if possible, including any finishes, passivation, paint, etc.. If your quote is not complete, please detail what you are not quoting with a comment when submitting quote.


行业 政府军事
城市/地区 Roseland, New Jersey
国家 USA


询价号码 996509
材料 Acier inox
材料等级 304 Stainless, Condition A per SAE-AMS-QQ-S-763


類別 车削
尺寸 0x1 inch

通过,从机加工厂,钣金厂,铸造厂,模具厂和其他各类制造加工企业获得在线报价。 MFG.com为有直接采购需求的采购商和有生产能力、经验的供应商之间搭起在线沟通的桥梁。

车削: 车削、数控车削或手工车削是制造圆柱体部件的工艺。 使圆柱体坯料旋转,刀具沿 2 条运动轴线走刀,从而形成精确的直径和深度。 车削可以在外圆面进行,也可以进行内径车削。车削(也称为镗削)可以生产各种几何形状的管状部件。 进行车削加工的机床称为车床。