Slide Sledge

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Production of a slide sledge. Approximately 1.750" OD x 10.640" long. Please see drawing for dimension specifications. 5000 piece initial order. Material: Forged Alloy Steel AISI 5140-H (40CR) Through-Harden 42-48 Rc Through-Harden 42-48 Rc. Coating Powdercoat, Sherman-Willimans Regal Yellow #UYS8- C010. MISC COMMENTS: Socket Diamensions must conform to SST GO NO-GO Gauge All nominal part geometry is defined by the 3D Cad Database. Tolererances to be applied to the nominal dimensions determined from the tolerance table unless othewise indicated. All dimensions shown are final part dimensions. Part Volume: 13.397 cubic inches. Indicated surfaces are to be free of powder coat. Part number is to be laser etched on indicated region after powder coat. Text hight to be 0.165 inches. Parts are to be LIGHTLY COATED in a rust preventative oil and packaged so as to prevent damage in shipment and handling. Inner Upset for "D" after forging.


行业 建筑及起重行业
城市/地区 Rockford, Illinois
国家 USA


询价号码 361966
材料 合金钢
材料等级 Forged Alloy Steel AISI 5140-H (40CR) Through-Harden 42-48 R


類別 墩锻

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墩锻: 墩锻缩短金属材料长度,并增加材料直径。 该工艺通常用于零件顶部加工,从而形成螺栓、紧固件、销轴等零件的顶部。