Side Panel

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Side Panel approx 14" long x 2.5" wide x 3/4" thick. This part will be used as two endpieces of a comercial product, so the cosmetic look is very important to us. You will notice in the drawings that this part has our logo cut out, with a chamfered edge on one side of this cutout. At this point we are flexible on whether or not this edge is actually chamfered. However the outside rounded edges would be required. We would like this part made out of solid cherry wood, stained, and protected with a polyurethane coating, and would request no knots, or cracks in the wood, and the woodgrain should run parallel with the length of the part. If possible, make two seperate quotes, one with the logo cutout, and another for having this piece made without the logo cutout. We are open to any suggestions of how this part be best manufactured, and will consider laser cutting, water jet cutting, or CNC milling. Please let us know the method what you would recommend.


行业 消费产品
城市/地区 Salina, Kansas
国家 USA


询价号码 335288
材料 木材
材料等级 Cherry, no knots or cracks


類別 木工精加工

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木工精加工: 木工精加工包括各种工艺,比如刨削、砂磨、填充、封固、着色、刷底漆和刷面漆。 刨削和砂磨是用于平滑木材表面的工艺。 填充需要使用粘接剂将木材表面的空洞填满。 浸补和着色是木材表面处理,木材会将其吸收并成为基底的一部分。 底漆和面漆是应用于木材表面的涂层。