Sensor Module

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Pour molding of a sensor module.

Buyer will provide the molder a small electronic circuit board with wires attached. Molder will form a housing around the small circuit board and return them to buyer.

The overall cable assembly is about 6” long. The over- molded electronics are about 1”x 0.100”. A (3 position Molex) connector at the other end of the cable also needs to be over-molded. The wire has 3 conductors with a PVC jacket about 0.125” diameter.


行业 测量与测试行业
城市/地区 Cleveland, Ohio
国家 USA


询价号码 347441
材料 热塑性材料


類別 铸模成型

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铸模成型: 铸模成型通常用于制造具有简单几何外形的微型或小型零件。 制成图案并刻出加工面。 在加工面周围修建围堵坝,以便容纳熔化的金属或塑料,熔化的材料通过浇口或加热室导槽被浇入图案中。