Round Head Pin A

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Production of a Round Head Pin 2 piece design (32.0mm x 0.8-1 mm) Disc 50 mm long pin. Please see drawing for all specifications. All material is to be Stainless Steel, Type 316.

Requires a Certificate of Compliance Analysis required certifying material.

Pin must be Silver Brazed to center of Disc. Pin must be perpendicular to Disc, at a 90 degree angle (+/- 3 degrees).

Silver Braising must not have any cracking, fissures, voids or imperfections.

Chinese suppliers - please reply in simple Chinese or Mandarin via messaging System.

This part is used in food preparation.

Please contact Buyer through messaging system with any questions regarding this RFQ.


城市/地区 , New Jersey
国家 USA


询价号码 699078


類別 焊接或粘接

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焊接或粘接: 粘接是利用紧固件或粘接剂将两个材料连接在一起的工艺。 通常情况下,粘接是指两个材料面对面的连接,连接方式为一个材料覆盖另一个材料,这与材料在独立点形成连接的紧固连接不同。 包层是一种粘接形式,即一个材料完全覆盖另一个材料,然后通过压和/或加热形成两者之间的结合。 熔焊和铜焊都是粘接工艺。