Resistors - 413PC - R2

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Buyer is in search of a surface mount Resistor. Approximately 0.031" X 0.061 INCHES, 1/10W EVER OHMS. CR0603F10K0P05 RES0603_7351BN,10K,1%
Buyer has several other components that need to be quoted. Buyer is assuming a minimum production run of 10,000 items and requesting costing for three levels of production. The assumption is the first year of production will be the lower quantity, with quantities increasing as the product hits the market.  Some components require multiple pieces for one tool. Their quantities are adjusted accordingly. Once Buyer sees what the overall component cost could be, then Buyer will request quotes for prototyping.


行业 电信产业
城市/地区 Auburn, California
国家 USA


询价号码 688043
材料 多重密封


類別 其他电阻器

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其他电阻器: 电阻器用于控制电流。 它会在两接线端之间产生压降,从而减小电流。