Resin Tank Lid - Low Volume Rapid Prototyping (MA)

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Production of a Resin Tank Lid - Low Volume Rapid Prototyping (MA). Approximately 176.22inch x 174.5inch x 20.5inch. This is a R&D project, Buyer is looking for a prototyping Supplier who can vacuum form our design (1-5 units) in a short period of time. Buyer would review the part, make design changes and repeat the process. There may be 5 slightly different designs over time.

This design is 0.5mm material, Buyer would like to use HDPE or PP. Buyer is open to other materials but would need to test their resistance to Buyer's photopolymer resins and isopropyl alcohol. Buyer knows ABS is not appropriate. Black or grey color is preferred. Speed of turnaround is critical so local businesses will be of interest.

Once the design is finalized Buyer would begin producing covers, with an estimated annual volume of 10,000 units. However, this business is not guaranteed so please just quote for the prototyping work require.


行业 消费产品
城市/地区 Somerville, Massachusetts
国家 USA


询价号码 715432
材料 热塑性材料
材料等级 HDPE or PP


類別 热成型
尺寸 176x174x20 inch

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