Repeater Bag Assembly

此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 吹塑模具制造

At a minimum, the Buyer is in need of a custom bag which will be a part of the assembly. If you have the capability to assemble the bag with the fittings shown we would be interested in the entire package.

This bag will be used as a consumable product, we are looking for a long term partner for this. The projected numbers are in the millions over the next 5 years.

As long as the volume is repeatable and the bag is well built, tolerances are not very tight.

For reference, the bag profile is approximately 5.50 inch OD x 6.85 inch Length.


城市/地区 Drexel, Missouri
国家 USA


询价号码 819563
材料 热塑性材料


類別 吹塑模具制造
尺寸 6x5 inch

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吹塑模具制造: 吹塑成型是形成中空塑料零件的制造工艺。 吹塑成型一般有三种主要类型,即挤出吹塑成型、注塑吹塑成型和拉伸吹塑成型。