RGB Light Unit

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Production of a RGB light unit. The buyer needs a assembly of a rgb light system using 5mm leds into the rings shown in the attachment. The finished product shall include a 120 volt adapter, a light controller ( to be contained in the same housing as the adapter), the assembled ring of lights and another set of 5mm RGB leds on a 30 inch line connected to the ring and controler line for the valve control. All connections must be contained within the unit. The connections for the set of leds on 30 inch line shall be soldered and then shrink wraped. Not shown in the attachment is the possible addition of another 20 foot line with a set of RGB leds on the end for a commode handel. Please include quotes for unit with and without the second (20 foot) line. The unit will not be underwater but must be waterproof because of its close proximity to water. The completed unit must be worthy of a ’UL’ listing. The 3mm holes in the middle ring (for making connections from the pins to wires) may be enlarged to no more then 5mm if necessary. You may also include a quote for the same unit made with UV (black) leds, in which a controler is not needed. This design is covered in a patent the buyer already has pending.


行业 消费产品
城市/地区 Northfield, Ohio
国家 USA


询价号码 380031
材料 Other
材料等级 RGB leds


類別 控制器

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