Quilter's Seam Alignment Clip

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This product is a double-sided ruler constructed in the form of a pinching clip. The assembled unit is made of two identical clear acrylic plastic halves with an interconnecting stainless steel metal spring. While not shown in the attached files, matching ruler marks are stamped on the plastics halves, marks that must align with each other in the assembled product.

The current design must be modified to add an active interconnection between the two plastic halves, using some method that compensates for possible warping/bending of the metal spring but does not interfere with the front working end of the clip and is considerate of simple fabrication. Also, I am looking to supplement stamped ruler markings with raised ruler markings to ensure identical marking placement on the two plastic halves.

For reference, the part shown as the thumbnail image is:
Approximately 2.04 inch x 0.97 inch x 0.29 inch. Please see drawing for all specifications.


行业 消费产品
城市/地区 Clearwater, Florida
国家 USA


询价号码 904283


類別 工程设计
尺寸 2x0x0 inch

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