Pre Printed Plastic Bag for Auto-Bagging Machine

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The buyer is in search of pre-printed bags to be used on an H100 Auto-bagging machine. The attachments are for the parts that will be bagged.


行业 机械及工具行业
城市/地区 The Woodlands, Texas
国家 USA


询价号码 660793


類別 Flexible Plastic Bags (Industrial)

通过,从机加工厂,钣金厂,铸造厂,模具厂和其他各类制造加工企业获得在线报价。 MFG.com为有直接采购需求的采购商和有生产能力、经验的供应商之间搭起在线沟通的桥梁。

Flexible Plastic Bags (Industrial): A plastic bag, sometimes called polybag, or pouch is a type of packaging made of thin, flexible, plastic film. A gusseted bag has the fold in the side or bottom of the bag/pouch, allowing it to expand when contents are inserted. Common uses: retail, grocery, food, gifts, trade shows. Synonyms: sack, shopping bag, carrier, tote, pouch