Photoboop casing

此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 电气设备机箱

This is a metal case design for a photo booth device. The enclosure should be made from sheet metal and powder coated white. Buyer is open to material recommendations/suggestions. There are design elements on the rear door that will require laser, waterjet, plasma, or other CNC cutting to achieve.

A wooden prototype can be seen here:

The front of the enclosure is left open for a laser cut front panel that we will supply.

Please note: Dimensions are inches except for the holes for the panel mounted power port on the bottom of the enclosure - those dimensions are mm.

The rear door hinges and side chest style hinges are left unspecified - please suggest chrome or powder coated to match hardware.


行业 电子仪器仪表、设备行业
城市/地区 Chicago, Illinois
国家 USA


询价号码 709478
材料 碳钢


類別 电气设备机箱
尺寸 18x18x7 inch

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电气设备机箱: 电子设备机箱用于保护电子设备(即显示屏、键盘、指示灯、个人电脑等)。它们可用于恶劣环境、室内或户外、有害或非有害环境中。