NRC 2.0 Front Panel

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Coating of a front panel. Approximately 19.00" long x 1.720" wide x 0.125" thick. Please see attachments for specifications. Fade painting required on 1RU Aluminum front panel assembly - Painting will starts with a solid Gold color on one side and over the 19" panel the color is to fade into a solid Blue color Providing silkscreen is optional. The part is a component of 1 RU processing Chassis unit . See attachments for panel dimensions and a copy of the panel color scheme and silkscreening template


行业 电信产业
城市/地区 Jessup, Maryland
国家 USA


询价号码 352257
材料 Aluminium
材料等级 1/8


類別 油漆

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油漆: 涂漆是使用油漆涂料的工艺。 油漆涂料与零件表面结合在一起,并提供大量功能,比如保护、持久耐用、导电、屏蔽和装饰。 金属零件常需要磷酸盐或铬革酸盐处理或底层涂料,从而形成零件表面与油漆涂料的结合。