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Buyer needs to do chemical etch on acetal material for better adhesion. Part is approximately 35.84mm OD x 21.2mm long. They will evaluate method for prototypes, but they need a source that would be able to treat parts for high volume production. Tooling may or may not be needed, as parts need to be dunked into acid solution for small amount of time. Acid cannot remain trapped in part, as it will start to eat away at the material if given enough time. The buyer has attached the treatment method that they had in mind - reference the section on Celcon. They have also attached a print of the part to be etched.


行业 汽车工业
城市/地区 Janesville, Wisconsin
国家 USA


询价号码 370867
材料 热塑性材料
材料等级 Acetal - Celcon TX90PLUS


類別 化学蚀刻

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