High Voltage Shield 1

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Coining of a high voltage part. Shield to provide protection from high voltage in Ultra High Vacuum environment. The thinnest feature is 25-55 um (~.001-.002 in) thk. Attached are two alternative drawings. Version with .001 in thk inner section would be preferred. If this option is to difficult to manufacture, then .002 in thk version should be considered. Part Dimensions: 13 x 11 mm Part Material: Copper, BeCu, Al, Au Part Finish: Gold Plated Comments: Gold plating with no Nickel as a plating material. Non magnetic materials required (SST is not good enough) for all the processes. Qty: 200. It is an R&D program. Buyer understands difficulty to manufacture this part and some of the features could be modified to improve manufacturability. Please provide quote based on this qty that will be mutually reasonable.


行业 电子产品与电子元器件行业
城市/地区 San Jose, California
国家 USA


询价号码 353657
材料 合金钢
材料等级 Copper


類別 压印

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