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Production of a foam headrest for use in surgery. Buyer would like it to be biodegradable. The foam density needs to be firm but not hard.


行业 医药工业
城市/地区 Martinez, Georgia
国家 USA


询价号码 657960


類別 Eps Foam - Expanded Polystyrene
尺寸 9x8x3 inch

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Eps Foam - Expanded Polystyrene: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a plastic material that has special properties due to its structure. Composed of individual cells of low density polystyrene, EPF is extraordinarily light and can support many times its own weight in water. It is one of the most commonly used forms of plastic but is regarded negatively because of its environmental impact. Common uses: egg cartons, meat and produce trays, packing peanuts: Synonyms: Styrofoam