Fuel Tank Set

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Production of a Fuel Tank Set. Quote development and manufacture of gasoline fuel tanks. Set consists of a left and right side mirrored plastic tanks. Material shall be compatible with 87 Octane gasoline with up to 10% Ethanol (Standard pump gas).

Not shown in drawing is cleanout hole on top, flange for fuel quantity sensor probe, fill neck and drain.

Estimated thickness 3/16" to 1/4".

Color optional.

Each tank has a 28 gallon capacity.

Tank is prismatic (no curved sides) with 11 facets. Overall Dimensions are 37" X 18.5" X 12".

Mounting is via stainless steel bands.

This is an urgent requirement.


行业 航空航天业
城市/地区 Beavercreek, Ohio
国家 USA


询价号码 715657
材料 热塑性材料


類別 滚塑成型
尺寸 36x18x12 inch

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滚塑成型: 滚塑成型是制造各种中空塑料零件的多用工艺。 滚塑成型工艺利用加热以及沿两条轴线的旋转生产中空的单个零件。 将熔化的塑料注入正在旋转的模具内,离心力迫使熔化的塑料贴在模具内壁上。