Flightbar & Strap Clamp

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Please note there are 2 parts referenced above one for a flightbar and one for a strap clamp. Please see drawing for complete dimension information. They are mating parts so buyer would like to have them made at the same facility to ensure a complete understanding of the assembly. The parts should be forged, heat treated and painted at supplier facility, no work besides assembly should be required once the parts reach our plant.


行业 矿业
城市/地区 Chilhowie, Virginia
国家 USA


询价号码 351432
材料 合金钢
材料等级 SAE 4140


類別 墩锻

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墩锻: 墩锻缩短金属材料长度,并增加材料直径。 该工艺通常用于零件顶部加工,从而形成螺栓、紧固件、销轴等零件的顶部。