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This box is currently being purchased. We do not currently have schematics. It is a stock product from the manufacturer. The dimensions are as follows: 8"L, 2.5"H, 4"W including the end plates. The unit is made out of aluminum and is powder coated. The body is extruded and the end plates are cast. This unit houses a circuit board and must adhere to UL standards. The end plates will be machined to include wire outlets (or perhaps a hole for wire connectors). We are looking for anyone who can quote their similar product (stock or custom). Does not have to be an exact match. The unit should be sturdy, a good heat sink, and very price competative. Please quote accordingly along with drawings, photos, etc. Note: The drawings attached are of basic dimensions and are not the box shown in the photographs. The box in the photograph is the actual product. Please quote your closest match.


城市/地区 Vero Beach, Florida
国家 USA


询价号码 341793
材料 Aluminium
材料等级 Aluminum (TBD)


類別 外壳

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外壳: 外壳是电子元件、设备电池或其他应用装置的保护壳体。 外壳主要由金属或塑料制造,而且可以防腐蚀、防风雨、防化学侵蚀、防火或防尘,同时还可以定制外壳,以满足大量的特定需要。