D-9250 M

此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 螺丝/瑞士车床加工

Production of a Screw. Approximately 1.312inch OD x 3.563inch long. This part MUST be made to spec in accordance with the attached drawing with NO EXCEPTIONS and NO VARIATIONS.

* Quote MUST include all specifications and notes on the drawing.

* Quote MUST include all delivery costs delivered door to door to Buyer's location in League City, TX 77573.

If Supplier's quote does not include ALL of the above, it will be declined. Please let Buyer know in the comments section of the quote that it includes all of the above.


城市/地区 , Texas
国家 USA


询价号码 717431


類別 螺丝/瑞士车床加工

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螺丝/瑞士车床加工: 螺丝/瑞士车床加工是指大量生产很小的、高精度圆柱体零件。 螺丝/瑞士车床加工零件通常具有极小的外形特征(微特征)。 螺丝/瑞士车床加工机床与数控车床或车削中心类似,只是规模较小。 螺丝/瑞士车床加工车削机床通常比常规数控车削中心更快、更精确。 螺丝/瑞士车床车削的理想加工零件采用不锈钢、钛、黄铜、铝、铂、铱制造。 注意: 少量的车削零件应归入车削加工类别。