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Production of a Cylinder. Approximately 102.4mm OD x 180.0mm long.

Buyer needs 500 x open cylinders to protect contents of large containers from moisture.

Can be made of any material. Buyer is expecting plastic but whatever can get costs less than $15 per unit.

Only needs to be
1) Strong.
2) Inflexible.
3) Resistant to water. (Most important)
4) Does not decay over time.

Is not visible so texture and finish is not important as long as dimensionally accurate.

Dimensions (see drawings).
180mm (total height) tall cylinder.

Internal dimension of cylinder is 98mm

Can change thickness if recommended. Any thickness up to 2.8mm thick (currently drawn 2.2mm thick) Can be as thin as recommended.

Buyer often gets quotes for short runs and is looking for a reliable Supplier able to work with the Buyer for these jobs.


城市/地区 Chippendale, New South Wales


询价号码 776921
材料 热塑性材料
材料等级 Low


類別 滚塑成型
尺寸 180x102 mm

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滚塑成型: 滚塑成型是制造各种中空塑料零件的多用工艺。 滚塑成型工艺利用加热以及沿两条轴线的旋转生产中空的单个零件。 将熔化的塑料注入正在旋转的模具内,离心力迫使熔化的塑料贴在模具内壁上。