Coupler Keyways - Shaping

此询盘采购上www.MFG.com在 USA 作 整形

Production of 1/8"  keyways in a 303 Stainless shaft coupler.  Material supplied with or without bores.  Cross hole is optional for nibbling.  Tolerances on keyway width is .125 +.002, -0, and the depth is +.005 / -0.  Keyways do not have to be aligned.  Please contact Buyer through messaging system.

  Approximately 0.88 inch OD x 2.05 inch long overall part dimensions. Please see drawing for all specifications.


行业 金属制品行业
城市/地区 Sheridan, Illinois
国家 USA


询价号码 891929
材料 Acier inox
材料等级 303


類別 整形
尺寸 2x0 inch

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整形: 整形加工最常用于工具生产。 成型机可以轻易地生产凹槽、平面、燕尾榫、T 形槽,而且可以用于生产曲面。