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We require a quote for 1500 cast and machined [Copper Alloy - C95500 (DIN 1714)] components ASAP. High quality and low cost is our main objective.

Attached is a drawing and photos of the cast component.

Dimensions are roughly 6" (150mm) X 2.5" (60mm) X 1.5" (38mm) and the machined weight is 1.04 lb (473 grams).

The machining consist of a 12mm bore, a tapered slot, two spot faces and two M6 tapped holes, as depicted on the drawing.

Casting type/method is at the supplier’s discretion. Any tooling, NRE or setup charges should be quoted separately.

A 2D - 3D model can be provided to the successful bidder.


城市/地区 Fort Myers, Florida
国家 USA


询价号码 339989
材料 合金钢
材料等级 Copper Alloy - C95500 (DIN 1714)


類別 永铸模铸造

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永铸模铸造: 永铸模铸造使用可再用铸模。 该工艺的优点包括:部件外形基本成型,表面光洁度更高,机械特性更好。 成品没有良好的细节。 永铸模铸造使用由金属(通常为灰口铸铁)加工而成的可再用铸模。 永铸模由两个或更多个部分构成,并铰接在一起,这样就可以将铸造件从铸模中取出。 液态金属仅靠自身重力倒入铸模。 永铸模铸造可用于生产铝镁与铜合金铸造件。 铁与钢铸造可以使用石墨铸模。 术语“永铸模铸造”与“重力模铸造”通常是指相同的铸造工艺。