Captive nut

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Production of a captive nut. Approximately 0.92" long x 0.74" OD. Custom brass casted captive nut with 5/16 x 18 UNC threaded cent er hole. This RFQ is for low cost prtotyped samples. Production parts will be die-cast using C86200 (UNS) brass alloy. For testing puposes samples should yeild equivalent strength. Revision: Die-cast process may not be applicable for casting brass. Investment or other process ok. Vendor to make recomendations. NOTE: Thread in 3d is cosmetic only, 3D drawing with true thread can be available if needed. Thread can be secondary operation if cast in method is not cost effective.


行业 机械及工具行业
城市/地区 Pleasantville, New York
国家 USA


询价号码 380527
材料 Laiton
材料等级 C86200 or C87800


類別 石膏模铸造

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石膏模铸造: 石膏模铸造由熟石膏制造。 制造石膏模时,将石膏倒在模型上面,并让其凝固。 由于石膏以液态形式在铸模周围成型,因此铸模可以再现铸件上的复杂形状,而且表面光洁度相当高。 石膏模铸造的公差可以控制得很小。 石膏模铸造用于制造铝和铜铸造件。