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Brass name plate with etched black words, used for small picture framing. 1. Brass plate dimensions 0.032" thick, 0.5" wide x 3" long with rounded corners; 2. text, up to 35 characters; 3. Min. per order per text, 2000. 15 different text; 4. Etched, recessed, black text; Dimensions are approximate. If dies already made for very close size, the buyer is open to quote. Round corners can be round, or the type used for picture framing. Quote seperate: 1. die cost if any 2. per piece cost in 20k pieces per order 3. freight cost to Las Vegas NV (and any other delivery fees) 4. Lead time. Please contact the buyer with any questions.


城市/地区 Mesquite, Nevada
国家 USA


询价号码 352128
材料 合金钢
材料等级 Brass


類別 化学蚀刻

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化学蚀刻: 化学蚀刻工艺与照相洗印类似。 在材料上将蚀刻底版刻划出图案。 清除材料上产生的感光乳剂,蚀刻标签就留在材料上面了。