Battery Carrier

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Production of a battery carrier. Required is a custom enclosed carrier for the battery tray described at the address below. Supplier would purchase this battery holder and manufacture an enclosure for it. This enclosed carried will be afixed with epoxy to a 30mm rifle scope tube lenght wise. Carrier must be water tight and shock resistent. Open end cover can be attached via long screw to opposing end. Material is open to the supplier but steel will probably work best. Please contact the buyer with any questions.


城市/地区 Ladysmith, Virginia
国家 USA


询价号码 383896
材料 合金钢


類別 外壳

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外壳: 外壳是电子元件、设备电池或其他应用装置的保护壳体。 外壳主要由金属或塑料制造,而且可以防腐蚀、防风雨、防化学侵蚀、防火或防尘,同时还可以定制外壳,以满足大量的特定需要。