Angelique Gothic Gown

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Production of an Angelique Gothic Gown. Simple 8-piece gown crafted from four-way spandex stretch velvet. 

Princess seam bodice, solid piece back, bias-cut skirting, pointed full sleeves.  Hem and cuffs trimmed in 3 inch ruffled lace.  "Bowtie" style cording is sewn over front princess seams, and a ribbon is weaved through to lace up (decorative, not for adjusting the size in any way).  No zippers or closures, just simple pull-on style.  Requires 4.5 yards of stretch velvet, up to 10 yards lace trim.

Buyer requires a mix of sizes: M/L/XL/2X/3X/4X

Please contact Buyer through messaging system with any questions.


行业 纺织工业
城市/地区 Saint Louis, Missouri
国家 USA


询价号码 634299
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