77 Gallon Reservoir, Skid Base, and lift loop

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Vendor to ID stamp each complete part on the lid with 1/2" stamp in the following format:

part number-xx-yy-mm where xx=sequential tracking number (01,02,etc), yy=year of manufacture (05), and mm=month of manufacture. For example: A13940-01-05-02.

Specific instruction for each part:

For part number A13940, vendor to perform air test according to MWI work instruction document QWI8.2-12 in the attachments and suuply list of tank ID numbers with certification that each tank was air tested and passed.

Vendor to prime and seal tank in accordance with notes on drawing.

For part number A13740 (skid base), vendor to prime each skid.

For part number A13840 (lift loop), vendor to inspect boxed dimension (span) and supply list of loop ID numbers with certification that each lift loop was inspected and passed.

Vendor to prime each lift loop.

Quotation can be for only one part or for all three (itemized).


行业 农用机械
城市/地区 Deerfield Beach, Florida
国家 USA


询价号码 341300
材料 Other
材料等级 See Drawings for Each Part Number


類別 测试服务

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测试服务: 测试服务使用的标准通常比检查服务的标准更严格,零部件要通过各种性能与环境测试,以便检查耐久性和性能是否满足最大工作性能、运行温度与排放等要求。