Tag - Label

該零件在 www.MFG.com 作為一個RFQ的一部分 USA 作 Tags

Production of a Tag - Label. The tag is two-ply: A (front) reflective surface laminated to a substrate (back) such as aluminum,  acrylic or other suitable water proof substance (whatever is durable and economical) that can be written on in permanent marker. The reflective colors are in red, blue, and yellow. The reflective side has to have words stenciled in or printed on the surface. The proportion by color for producing the tags are; 5 blue to 3 red to I yellow. Thus an order of 1530 tags would yield 850 blue, 510 red, and 170 yellow tags.

Tags measure 32mmx70mm with a hole punched in the short side through which a tie wrap could be threaded to attach tags to pipes.

Words stenciled, printed or otherwise affixed to the reflective side of the tag include: gas, kitchen, bath laundry, water heater, boiler supply main, sill cock.

Buyer will need two quotes: One for a marketing run of 1530 tags and a second for 15,300 tags.


零件號:       1332441546863



尺寸0.0 x 0.0 inch


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Tags: A tag is strip or piece of paper or paperboard that can be attached to something or hung from a product to identify, classify, or label the contents. Common uses: gifts, clothing, food, cosmetics. Synonyms: label