該零件在 作為一個RFQ的一部分 USA 作 3D 图纸快速原型

Production of a Manifold (3-D printing).  Please see drawing for all specifications.

Buyer is looking to eventually Cast this Manifold into one, maybe two, pieces. 

 At the moment Buyer wants to check fitment and test the air flow of this design over the OEM design. 

The Modeling and Tolerances can be adjusted in order to decrease the pricing if needed. The model does not have to have the tightest tolerances, it just needs to be able to seal, flow air, and built so Buyer is  able to place it in the engine bay and check fitment.


零件號:       20Manifold
材料:       其他


類別:3D 图纸快速原型

尺寸0.0 x 0.0 mm


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3D 图纸快速原型: 3D 图纸快速原型加工根据固体模型或 CAD 数据创建实体模型。 实际上,就是将模型切割成细层。 然后喷墨打印头释放出液态粘接剂并凝固成连续的粉末层,这样就层叠出这些印刷层,从而形成实体模型。