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SAS Industries

?Manorville, New York

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer


We specialize in the manufacture of EMI Shielding Gaskets, Fluid Sealing Products, Pipe Flange Gaskets, Static and Reciprocating Seals, Waveguide Gaskets, Connector Gaskets, Conductive Gaskets, Non-Conductive Gaskets, Washer Style Gaskets, O-Rings, and Co-Elastomer Gaskets that provide both a Conductive and Non-Conductive Environmental seal.

Our capabilities include Die Cutting, Compression Molding, Transfer Molding, Injection Molding, Liquid Injection Molding, Extruding, and Water Jet Cut Gaskets, along with a wide variety of stocked sheet and roll goods. This allows us to both convert materials from our vast network of suppliers that we have distributorships/converting agreements with to provide you with the best selection of products from some of the most prominent manufacturing companies, such as 3M© and Saint Gobain© (CHR®/COHRlastic® Silicones), along with our own line of EMI/RFI Shielding materials.

We can supply and manufacture any rubber material you may need including Nitrile (Buna-N), Neoprene (Chloroprene), Viton® (Fluorocarbon), Fluorosilicone, EPDM, Silicone, Butyl, and many Thermally Conductive Compounds. We also carry an extensive line of EMI Shielding Materials.

SAS Industries, Inc. carries an extensive range of standard tooling for Waveguide Gaskets. These gaskets can be supplied either molded or die cut in a wide range of compounds.

A few examples of various compounds used are Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, and EMI/RFI Shielding Materials for conductive applications.

Our standard Waveguide Gaskets are made to fit CPR, UG, and CMR flanges, and we can also produce any other form fo waveguide gasket to fit any other flange design. Our leading stance in this field enables us to stock a wide variety of Waveguide Gaskets giving us the ability to ship low or high quantities within days of receiving your order. We make our Waveguide Gaskets to nearly any compound, most commonly in a 70 Durometer Grey Silicone or a Conductive Silicone variation (Typically SAS SEALTRON 1068, an 85 Durometer Silver Plated Copper filled Silicone that is tan in color. More information on the conductive silicone types of materials can be found by clicking here.

AM Precision

Elk Grove Village, Illinois


The goal of A.M. Precision Machining is to be a WORLD CLASS SUPPLIER of quality machine parts that meet, regulatory, statutory, and customer requirements for aerospace, military, oil drilling, power generation, and various other industries. Executive Management and all employees achieve this goal through quality planning, training and continuous improvement. A.M. Precision Machining has developed a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2000 Rev. B models for quality assurance. This system has been implemented to assure a consistent approach toward achieving the defined quality objectives, which are reviewed and monitored by Executive Management. The Quality Policy is communicated throughout the organization through training, internal audits, & various postings throughout the facility.

F Ziegler Enterprises

North Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin


FZE, founded in 1974, is a leading full service, machining and manufacturing service provider for some of the nation's leading OEMs. FZE services a diverse market base including the following industries: agricultural products, recreation, professional turf care, professional hand tools, industrial components, engines and motorcycles and fire fighting apparatus. FZE has successfully partnered with customers by providing economic alternatives to their existing designs, assemblies, heat treating, painting and machining needs to enhance the customers' ability to compete in the global marketplace. Emphasis is placed on improving customers' supply value stream, with results of reduced inventory levels, shortened lead times, and reduced costs. FZE has a modern 60,000 square foot facility located in Fond du Lac, WI. FZE has consistently invested in new equipment, technology and processes, staying on the cutting edge of both technology and providing innovative solutions. FZE is a preferred supplier to all major customers, offering manufacturing solutions, supplier managed inventory and tier one responsibilities to customers.

Wagner Machine Company

Champaign, Illinois


Wagner Machine Company is a precision CNC machine shop that is owned, managed, and run by highly skilled machinists. We are excited about machining and are constantly applying new skills and technology to improve the level of service we provide to our customers. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for small, precision machined parts regardless of the complexity or machining processes required. Our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of machining technology has driven us to continuously add new software and equipment as our customers' needs have evolved. We started in 1982 with only manual machining. By 1986 we added our first CNC machines, and we have been constantly adding advanced technology ever since. In addition to grinding, CNC milling, and CNC turning, we have added new specialized processes including wire EDM, abrasive waterjet, swiss turning, and full 5-axis milling. Our most recent focus has been automation. We started by adding barloaders to many of our CNC lathes and we now have two 5-axis mills that can run lights-out with robotic loading. While we are still committed to be your best source for prototype and low volume jobs, our new automation gives us the capacity to handle your largest production quantities as well. Our job shop specializes in low volume, prototype, and extremely complex parts. It has dedicated manual and CNC mills and lathes, and has access to all other shop equipment including wire EDM, abrasive waterjets with taper comp, 5-axis mills, and various types of grinders and hones. We use the same software and advanced machining techniques in the job shop as we do in our production departments, which allows work to flow smoothly from prototype to production. Our5-axis milling department does both prototype and production machining. While most 5-axis milling is really 3+2 milling, our machines and software are capable offull 5-axis or simultaneous 5-axis milling. We have four 5-axis mills including two that are automated with robotic loading for higher volume and true lights-out production. 5-axis milling allows us to machine complex parts with tight tolerances in one or two operations. The reduced number of operations ensure excellent accuracy and repeatability with a quick turnaround. Our mill department specializes in production milled parts. We have 9 high speed vertical machining centers with spindle speeds up to 24,000rpm to ensure we can make your complex parts at the best possible price. These machines have extremely fast tool changes and some are equipped with pallet changers for minimal spindle down time. We also have 4th axis rotary options on many of our production mills. Our lathe department specializes in production turned parts. We have over 20 CNC lathes with various configurations including sub spindles, live tooling, Y-axis milling, swiss turning, and automatic bar loading. We have greatly expanded our mill/turn capabilities to make sure we can provide the best pricing for your most complex parts. Ourabrasive waterjet departmenthas 2 Omax waterjets and runs both prototype and production jobs. We specialize in tight tolerance waterjet parts as well as waterjet cut blanks that require post machining including deburring, drilling, tapping, reaming, or full CNC machining. Our maximum plate capacity is 48" x 96" and we can cut with taper compensation to ensure there is minimal taper on the cut sides. We stock aluminum and steel plate from .030" - 2" thick and stainless steel from .030" - 1" thick for quick turnaround jobs. We have over 15 years of experience in waterjet cutting and are proficient at cutting almost any material including wood, plastic, glass, ceramic (tile and the real stuff), aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, hastelloy, and various types of laminates and composites. We also offerreverse engineering services. We have portable Romer articulating arm CMM, and several CAD and inspection programs including SolidWorks, PowerShape, DezignWorks, and Draftsight. We can reverse engineer new or broken components, and provide you with full CAD documentation, including professional engineering drawings, in the file format of your choice. Machine List and Capabilities: - Zeiss 5-axis fully programmable CMM with Renishaw PH20 head - allows inspection to tolerances of .0001" on almost any part - CNC Milling - over 15 vertical machining centers- We have various configurations includingspindle speeds up to 24,000RPM, 4th axis, and high speed pallet changers. - 5-Axis Milling - 4 vertical 5-axis milling machines- Two machines are robotically loaded for lights-out, high volume production. Machines have thru spindle coolant and are capable of gun drilling. - CNC Turning - over 20 CNC lathes- We offer true multi-task turning with various configurations includingautomatic bar loaders,sub spindles,live tooling, Y-axisandswiss turning - Surface, Cylindrical, and Centerless grinders - Sunnen hone - Omax Waterjets with taper compensation - sheet metal brake and shear - Sodick Wire EDM with full 4-axis capability and auto wire threading - various manual mills and lathes - Production Band Saws - vibratory deburring equipment - Portable Romer CMM for reverse engineering - CAD/CAM software includes: SolidWorks, PowerShape, PowerMill, DezignWorks, Draftsight, and FeatureCAM
Commercial Metal Fabricators, Inc is a privately owned company which has been in business for 65 years. Our modern facility and state of the art machinery and equipment (visit are second to none in the metal fabrication industry. We have experience in the fabrication and machining of an impressive array of metals including high temperature and chemical resistant stainless, high nickel alloys, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, Armorand other exotics. Of course, the most important ingredient in CMF's success is our people. Each person realizes that our customers prefer to work with skilled professionals who provide the individualized attention their project deserves. When you select CMF you'll have confidence in knowing our sales engineers, metal craftsmen and production supervisors will successfully complete your project on time and within budget.

Professional Plastics Inc

San Jose, California


Nation's largest supplier of high-performance engineering plastic shapes. Supplier of semi-finished plastic shapes and custom fabricated parts. Products include thermoplastics, thermosets and machinable glass ceramic materials and components. 12 locations across the USA. Basic shapes include, sheets, plates, bars, rods, tubing and profiles. Low-volume and production parts produced from precision cnc equipment. Fast turnaround due to massive inventory of more than $ 16,000,000 in engineering stock shapes. Materials include; Delrin, Acetal, Nylon, Teflon, PTFE, PFA, FEP, Kel-F, PCTFE, PEEK, PPS, Rulon, Vespel, UHMW, PVC, Ultem, Kynar, PVDF, ABS, Nylatron, Acetron, Noryl, polyimide, Fluorosint, Ertalyte, Ryton, Acrylic, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, Lexan, Macor, Ceramics, Rexolite, Polysulfone, Phenolics, G-10, FR-4, PET-P, GPO-3, non-ferrous materials and more.


Huntington, Indiana


Memcor Inc. is a manufacturing company located in Huntington,IN and was founded in 1998 as a predecessor company of Memcor-Truohm Inc. Memcor has been in existance (under various names) as a manufacturing company since 1962. Memcor's operations are primarily focused on machining, assembly, and repair services of magnetic brake assemblies for the U.S. Government, McDonnell Douglas(Boeing), and Bell Helicopter. Memcor also provides production maching, cylindrical grinding, balancing, and assembly for both aviation related and general manufacturing and distribution customers. Memcor is supported by 15-20 employees and is a Veteran Owned Small Business.
Mid-America Precision Products, LLC is a contract manufacturer with a long history dating back to 1960. We currently have 5 facilities operating in and around the Joplin, Missouri area. As a "total service manufacturer", MAPP provides turnkey products quickly and efficiently by incorporating the most modern manufacturing technologies available. Our facilities feature a full service machine shop and state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication, including complete tool support, certified welding and spot welding, plating, wet paint, powdercoating, and silk-screening. Our customer base includes companies in the aerospace, aircraft, government, defense, electronics and telecommunication industries. We take pride in our abilities to do most operations in-house, under one roof. We have a long history of successfully working with our customer base and assisting them with value-engineering. We recently received the Small Business of the Year from the Department of Energy facility located in Oak Ridge, TN, and were nominated by them for the national Small Business of the Year award. We are privately held by four working/managing partners that are active in our business everyday. We look forward to working with you and your company as bid opportunities arise that are within our capabilities. Thank you for your interest in MAPP!!! Regards, Randy Lepper President & CEO

Apco Mossberg Co

Attleboro, Massachusetts


Thank you for considering Apco Mossberg Company Apco Mossberg (Founded in 1934) is here to serve you for all your applications in Metal Forming and CNC Machined Parts and Torque Measuring Tools. We excel in delivery and quality. You will find the Apco Mossberg products and services far exceed your expectations. We take pride in our work and service to you.. Our specialty is exceptional Customer Service. We have all capabilities essential for meeting your needs, including a first class Machine Shop, Design (CAD/CAM), Tool and Die Makers, Quality Control Department, and full Calibration Service. Let us show you the difference Apco Mossberg can make in delivery accuracy, quality, dependability and service. Manufacturing capabilities • Material Thickness 0.0005” to .250” • Bar Stock up to 10” dia. o Coining o Deep Drawing o Drilling and Tapping o Forming o Milling o Resistance Welding o Finishing o Reverse Drawing o Rolling o Slitting o Mechanical instruments o Turning o Screw Machine Tooling Capabilities • Complete In-house Capabilities from Prototype to Production. • Compound Dies • Progressive Tooling • Single Station • Torque Instruments • Jigs and Fixtures Types of Materials Bar, coil ,foil, plate, sheet, strip, tubing, wire Materials Aluminum Exotics& others Braze alloys Hafnium Clad-metals Hastelloy Cobalt Inconel Core Iron Kovar Cu-NIP Molybdenum Cupro-Nickel Monel MU-Metal Nickel NI-FE Alloys OFHC Copper Precious Metals Rhenium Stainless Steels Tantalum Titanium Tungsten Industries Served • Aerospace • Communication Electronics • Electro-optical • Hermetic Devices • Glass to Metal • Ceramic to Metal • Electronics • Instrumentation and Gages • Microwave Devices • Medical • Aircraft and Military Agencies OUR HISTORY Frank Mossberg was an inventor and businessman in Attleboro, Massachusetts, a center for jewelry manufacturing in the 19th century. His earliest business venture was founded in 1889 as the Mossberg Wrench Company, and initially was a maker of tools for the jeweler's trade. In the early 1890s the company began producing several styles of adjustable bicycle wrenches, a type of tool very popular at the time. In 1899 Frank Mossberg and other investors founded the Frank Mossberg Company to manufacture tools, and the company began production of pipe wrenches, bicycle wrenches, and related tools. The expansion of the automobile industry created great demand for automotive service tools, and in the years from 1910 to 1920 the Frank Mossberg Company became a significant maker of automotive specialty tools. These tools consisted primarily of fixed socket wrenches in many shapes and sizes, and Mossberg was probably second only to Walden-Worcester as a producer of such tools. During the 1920s the company continued to expand its automotive service tools line. In 1927 the company was reorganized as the APCO-Mossberg Company, by merger with APCO. The APCO-Mossberg name is still one synonymous with high quality and superior customer service.



ProdExport specializes in the production and assembly of electronic finished products and printed circuit boards in Asia for North American companies. The resulting products are of top quality at an international level and at unbeatable prices enabling our customers to dominate within their own market amongst now worldwide competition. And contrary to most of the Asian manufacturers, ProdExport, while supporting many customers, does not require unrealistic large volume orders. Having been partners for many years with Asian electronic manufacturers from Taiwan and China, ProdExport distinguishes itself by offering turnkey solutions while providing the upmost support to its customers throughout the entire process. We are aware that moving your production into Asia might be considered risky but we have the means to reduce this risk to its simplest terms.

Proformance Manufacturing, Inc

Corona, California


Proformance Manufacturing is a manufacturer of precision metal components. Our core capabilities are service and specifically providing manufacturing service in the areas of Deep Draw Stamping and CNC Turning. We further specialize in working with glass sealing and Nickel based alloys such as Kovar, Iron Nickel Cobalt, OFHC C101 Copper, Cupronickel, Monel and 42% Nickel Iron. Proformance Manufacturing, Inc. is a service-oriented manufacturer of precision metal components and parts. We offer a multitude of manufacturing methods created in metal. A precision component or part can be used individually or combined to provide our clients the best options in capability, flexibility, quality and ultimately the most price competitive components producible. Deep Draw Stampings Precision Metal Stampings CNC Machining of Components Automatic Screw Parts Machining Tool & Die Class A Capabilities Secondary Operations Since 1987 our expertise of manufacturing precision metal components and parts, offers proven machining capabilities. Machined metal parts and components are produced conventionally, automatically or numerically controlled via computer. Owned and operated by principals with over 55 successful years of hands-on machining experience in engineering and development, Our modern facility is designed and constructed for the purpose of precision metal parts forming and machining. Secondary operations are available to completed your machining requirements as well as approved sources for finishing. Attention to quality, cost and on-time delivery are ultimate goals with your precision metal parts and components project placed with us. We aim to offer the best service in the industry.

Hastings Machine Company

Hastings, Pennsylvania


Hastings Machine Company is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified, 30 year old Machining Services company with CNC, Screw Machining, & full range Threading. Our screw-machining capabilities range from 1/2" thru 2 5/8" diameter (2 1/4 hex). CNC ranges up to 3" diameter bar feed, and 10" diameter chucking, with live tooling, sub-spindles & y-axis. We are #6 on the nation's largest steel mill's cold-drawn buyer's list; last year shipping over 14,500,000 machined/produced parts, consuming 4,000 tons of steel. Our purchasing power and volume capacity help us maintain our position as the largest supplier to the concrete reinforcement and deep mine soil stabilization markets. Our desire and work ethic to earn that position make us easy and reliable to work with.

A and M Manufacturing LLC

Phoenix, Arizona


A and M Manufacturing designs and manufactures industrial air cooled heat exchangers, fabricated metal products, and performs CNC turning and machining on a contract basis. We are an ASME approved and audited pressure vessel manufacturer and can apply an ASME "U" accreditation, Canadian CRN in all Provinces, and CE marking for pressure vessels bound for the European Community. Our agile manufacturing methods, dedication to product quality, and conformance to specifications has allowed us to design and manufacture products on time and within budget, many times in a fraction of the time of our competitors. A sampling of products manufactured by CNC milling and turning shown below include items made from 6061-T6 aluminum, 7075-T6 aluminum, 17-4PH stainless steel, SA-182 T316 stainless steel, CDA C36000 brass, 4140HT CrMo steel, SA-105 cold rolled steel and 1018 cold rolled steel. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger shown is ASME and American Petroleum Institute Spec 661 approved for 1,200 psi Natural Gas - this type of project encompasses many of our capabilities in one unit - precision machining, structural fabrication with seismic review and PE stamp, anti-corrosion coatings, post weld heat treatment, a variety of welding processes, non destructive testing including magnetic particle and X-ray, and unit assembly and testing. All products are available with mill certifications or certificates of conformance, first article inspection reports, in process reports and certified final documentation as required. Fabricated items are manufactured to component drawings, assembled and welded in accordance to specifications provided by the end user or internal controls. All welding is performed to an approved Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) by qualified welders. We can develop new WPS’ as required for any project to ensure the integrity of the completed weld joint, and perform destructive testing of all new procedures. Non destructive testing of can be performed as required by applicable code of construction, jurisdiction, or customer specification and includes Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, and X-Ray, in addition to post weld heat treat or stress relief.

cti metal works

Belcourt, North Dakota


cti metal works is located in Belcourt, North Dakota, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Machining, Sheet Metal, Fabrication.

Micra Manufacturing

St Paul, Minnesota


Gusset Design specializes in Precision Machining and Metal Fabrication. Our services include: CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication, CNC Sawing, Welding, Mig and Tig Certified, Sandblasting and Painting. Gusset Design prides itself on using the most technologically advanced equipment and techniques for every job we do. Doing business since 1981, Gusset Design is your complete fabrication and machine shop for all of your manufacturing needs. We hope you'll explore our web site to learn more about our company, our products, and our solutions.

HJ Engineering, Inc.

Gilbert, Arizona


Dear Customer, HJ Engineering, Inc. was established in 1998 to serve the market for well designed fixtures and tooling. Since then we have designed and build hundreds of fixtures for a variety of customers, including Eaton Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., Genie, Parker Hydraulic, Chrysler, Hitachi Automotive, & Mahle just to name a few. Today HJ Engineering, Inc. continues to serve a varied customer base with high quality fixture design and manufacturing. HJ Engineering, Inc. has a strong reputation for quality service with both large and small clients nationwide. We continually upgrade our CAD design tools and we are proud to announce that we have added three 3D- Pro Engineer Stations to maintain our competitive edge. We would like the opportunity to work with you and I am offering you our expertise in Manufacturing Engineering, design and manufacturing methods in maximizing your and your customer’s investment. Sincerely H.G.Goehring HJ Engineering, Inc.

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