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LMC Industries

Arnold, Missouri


LMC Industries is a full service manufacturer of custom Metal and Plastic components for the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Agricultural, Medical, Electrical/Electronics and Defense industries. LMC has the unique ability to produce high quality Metal Stamped parts, Plastic Injection Molded parts, and Insert Molded/Overmolded parts (metal plastic combined) all under one roof. Assembly, Welding, Finishing, Passivation, Packaging, Kitting, and Subassembly services are also available. Onsite Engineering services include Tool Design/Maintenance/Inspection, component "Design for Manufacturability", Material Selection/Recommendation, Prototyping, etc. Our customers rely heavily on our experience and technical expertise during all phases of the part design/redesign process. LMC is ISO 9001 TS 16949 Certified with a fully staffed and equipped Quality Department and Lab. Our (2) state-of-the-art, automated, manufacturing facilities employ Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise/Production principles and total over 225,000 square feet. LMC has been in business for over 65 years and is strategically located near the center of the U.S. (St. Louis, MO area). We supply to customers all over the world utilizing modern JIT production/delivery, EDI order entry/tracking, and FIFO inventory management processes. LMC qualifies for "Small Business" status per U.S. Small Business Administration guidelines. We are known by our customers as "problem solvers" in the areas of: Rapid new project launches - LMC provides design for manufacturability and cost avoidance advice and a robust project launch process Tooling transfers and "re-shoring" - LMC provides the in-house tooling resources and expertise to get tools into production immediately and to tune them for more efficient production Reliable delivery - LMC provides order release, scheduling and inventory management advice to ensure delivery in variable demand market environments Examples of Products Hand and Edge tools - Handles Hardware - Door Locks, Locking devices, Hinges Sanitary ware - Plumbing fixtures and trim Crowns and closures - Bottle caps food stuffs and toiletries Conveyors - Safety Guards Power hand Tools - Handles, Safety Guards Pumps - Centrifugal components and housings Electrical Appliances - Fans and housings Vacuum Cleaners - Centrifugal components Residential Lighting - Shades and base components Vehicular Lighting - Housing base and component parts Motorcycle and Bicycle - Accessories (handles, grips, guards etc) Medical Equipment components -Laboratory equipment and consumables -Fluid Metering -Optical instruments -Surgical instruments -Surgical appliances -Dental equipment -Electro medical devices

Buckley Manufacturing Co

Cincinnati, Ohio


ISO TS 16949 CERTIFIED!! ISO 14001 CERTIFIED!! Full service stamping, fabrication, welded/mechanical assembly house.

KongKee Electronic Co.,Ltd

Shanghai, ?? (Shanghai)


Shanghai Gangqi Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, since its establishment the company has always been committed to all kinds of precision molds, precision machinery and equipment, precision electronic components for the design and production, with ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system authentication and so on. Precision injection mold production capacity up to 0.3FPC, at the same time, precision injection molded parts of the production capacity of up to 0.5FPC! Company's current main products include: Precision plastic injection molds, precision machinery and equipment, precision electronic products and accessories. These products have been exported to Japan, the United States, France and China's coastal provinces and cities. The company's existing 235 staff, including: 10 professional designers, 126 technicians,29 quality control process and21 managers.

Maquitec is a Mexican Company founded in 1974, manufacturing Aluminum Molds.

Starting operations as Injection Molding company in 2009 for the industrial Market, Maquitec extend the options.

Now in Automotive, molding parts since 2013 as Tier 2 and 3, we build the bases to be as big as we can imagine.

Our experience on CNC MACHINGING PARTS start from Inhouse and now for automotive and other industries too.

Counting with:

3 & 5 axes CNC,

Swiss Lathe,

3 axes Lathe,

Electrical Discharge Machining

80 to 700 Ton Injection Machines

Extal Ltd.

Mishor Adumim, Yerushalayim


Extal is a privately ownedinternational company, that specializes in developing systems and manufacturing aluminium profiles. Our company is involved in many branches of industry: construction, manufacturing, agriculture, automotive and more. Extal Ltd. has fabricating facilities, which provide services including cut to length profiles, bending, welding, punching and drilling, and thermal insulation. Our new modern, powder coating facility allows us to powder coat any color according to the customer's desire. Extal uses a sub contractor to provide anodizing of profiles. Extal Ltd. has ISO 9001 certification and is in the process of obtaining TS 16949 certification for the automotive industry.


Pune, Maharashtra


Jagadamba Auto-components Ltd. is a constituent company of the Radheylal Patodia Group, with over 50 years' experience in the auto component industry, qualifying its ability to sustain and grow in the face of emerging competition and a rapidly changing business environment. An exceptionally able board leads the group, comprising of the Managing Director Mr. Ravi Patodia. The group now claims a turn over of over 24 million US Dollars, or Rs. 1100 million, per annum. In 1996, JAGADAMBA Auto-components Ltd. began manufacturing Machined Components and Transmission Gears at Koregaon Bhima, an industrial destination close to Pune and easily accessible from the commercial capital of India - Mumbai.

Superior Roll Forming

Valley City, Ohio


Superior Roll forming offers innovative product solutions, such as hollow welded shapes, ultra high strength steels, integrated assemblies, roll formed profiles and laser welded composite sections. We are ISO/TS 16949:2002 Without Design certified, to ensure our processes provide the highest quality, defect-free components for you in your applications. We manufacture construction products, store and display fixtures, office furniture components and pollution control devices. Our customers include Ford, GM, Honda, Johnson Controls, Chrysler, Lear Corporation, VW and Nissan. We go beyond the definition of quality at Superior Roll forming. Through a cooperative effort by ALL associates, we are committed to continuously improving our quality, delivery and efficiency so that we exceed our customer's expectations. Please click on the link to view our website for extensive information about Superior Roll Forming.

HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Plc.

Téglás, Hajdu-Bihar


HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Plc. is a world-class auto industry service provider, engaged in the production of manufacturing tools and components, primarily for the vehicle industry.The company manufactures components, primarily through the use of sheet formation and sheet fabrication technologies. Our 4,200 and 1500 square meters manufacturing facility operates around the eight clock, in three shifts. The continuity of our manufacturing operations is ensured by a 2,000 square meter tool workshop, which carries out the design, production and maintenance of our manufacturing tools.Our vehicle industry product range (almost 1000 types of component) can be grouped into four main categories:- Exhaust system components (shell, pipe and manifold sheet metal components).- Seat-back components (seat-backs, stiffeners, etc.).- Smaller bodywork elements (stiffeners, connectors, etc.).- Alternator and motor starter components.- Double-sheet, (die-stamped, perforated, in angle cutted components).The products that we supply are built into the vehicles of major auto manufacturers (e.g. Mercedes - as Tier 1., Volvo, Audi, Ferrari, Ducati, BMW, Suzuki, etc.).Our other product range (almost 50 types of component for so customer as Grundfos, GE) can be grouped into three main categories:- Pump components (base plates, fan housings, etc.).- Other components fabricated from sheet metal.- Custom sheet metal products, cut to size.- Tools.

Midland Stamping and Fabricating Company

Schiller Park, Illinois


Midland Stamping and Fabricating Company is located in Schiller Park, Illinois, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Stamping, Fabrication, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Sheet Metal.

WEGU GmbH Leichtbausysteme

KASSEL, Hessen


WEGU - Your partner in rubber and plastics technology We offer our clients in the automotive industry a complete range of processing capabilities for all common polymer and elastomer materials as well as extensive know-how in the development of products made from these materials. This includes processing of filled and unfilled thermoplastic polymers, elastomers and rubbers. As a result of this, weachieve highly efficient product development cycles - without limitations regarding both the choice of materials or processing technologies.


Bucharest, Bucuresti



Ohio Metal Technologies

Hebron, Ohio


Ohio Metal Technologies, Inc.was founded in 1996 in Hebron, OH. OMT is an ISO TS certified manufacturer of high quality components for the automotiveindustry. Our end customers are US, Japanese, Korean, German, and Italian automotive manufacturers. Services Offered: Heat Treatment Painting CNC Machining Centers CNC Lathes and Cutting Machines CMM Milling Machines NC Bending Machines Robotic Bending Machines End Forming Machines Wire EDM Semi-Automatic Aqueous Degreaser

ARC Group Worldwide

DeLand, Florida


ARC METAL INJECTION MOLDING Metal Injection Molding(MIM) is a rapidly-emerging field, and FloMet has been instrumental in its growth. For the past two decades, we've pushed the boundaries of this technology to produce complex metal components more efficiently and economically than could be done using traditional manufacturing methods ARC 3D PRINTING - 3D Material Technologies 3DMT is a division of ARC Group Worldwide, partners with OEM's to engineer and develop rapid prototyping and short-run production solutions on an accelerated timeline. Our teams of engineers apply their extensive manufacturing experience to produce viable, cost effective prototypes (plastic or metal) in just weeks. Our prototypes are produced with real manufacturing design intent, so once the product has been accepted and volumes increase, the original design is economically feasible to manufacture. ARC GLASS-TO-METAL SEALS - Tekna Seal LLC Tekna Seal is a custom manufacturer of hermetically sealed connectors, glass-to-metal feedthroughs, hermetic seals, lithium battery seals and ceramic-to-metal seals. We are a Minnesota company that was founded in 1979 primarily to manufacture insulated hermetic feedthroughs for implantable devices and batteries associated with implantable devices. Shortly after inception, it was realized that there were many opportunities for selling glass-to-metal hermetic feedthroughs in other markets including automotive, aerospace, high performance sensor packages for severe industrial processes and critical military applications. ARC THIXOMOLDING - Thixoforming Founded in 1997, Thixforming has gained a solid reputation as a leader the Thixomolding process. Our quality certifications and process control initiatives combine to prove our commitment to providing the highest quality magnesium molded products in the industry. The acquisition of Thixforming by ARC Group Worldwide makes our company even stronger and more committed than ever to be the world leader in Thixomolding. ARC PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING AND TOOLING-ATC Advanced Tooling Concepts Advance Tooling Concepts was founded on the principles of innovation and world class manufacturing. ATC combines a powerful blend of in-house tool building, highly engineered solutions, automation and full plastic injection molding capabilities. ATC services a variety of customers in major industries like Medical Device, Electronics, Consumer and Defense. ARC WIRELESS- ARC Wireless ARC Wireless, LLC designs, manufactures, markets and sells a broad range of wireless equipment, network products and accessories. Our products include our ARCFlex™ line of full solution radios, Wi-Fi and WiMAX panel antennas, licensed and un-licensed band dish antennas, mobile GPS and cellular antennas, as well as base station antennas. Our products and systems are marketed worldwide through the Company's internal sales force, OEMs, and reseller distribution channels. ARC FLANGES- General Flanges Forge General Flange is a domestic manufacturer of flanges with precision machining capabilities. We provide our flanges in carbon steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloys, duplex/super duplex, copper nickel, titanium and special alloys. We also manufacture EN-DIN/JIS/BS (metric) flanges, long weld necks, pad flanges/studding outlets, special facings and custom flanges. GFFC maintains a large inventory of galvanized flanges and orifice unions and can manufacture any custom machining requirements and special facings. We also stock import flanges. ARC PRECISION METAL STAMPING- KECY Metals Technologies Kecy's innovative manufacturing techniques and commitment to exploring new possibilities represent a departure from tradition, giving our customers the competitive edge in today's demanding marketplace

Spring Dynamics, Inc

Almont, Michigan


Established in 1985, Spring Dynamics, Inc. has developed an enviable reputation as a leading manufacturer of custom precision springs. Our constant attention to quality, education and technology sets us apart as a progressive company creating new industry standards. Our well-trained and highly competent staff of over 40 individuals is dedicated to discovering the perfect spring solution for our unique customers. With over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space at two locations, we can accommodate jobs of any size and scope. Counterbalance Springs Spring Dynamics, Inc. specializes in counterbalance springs (aka: clock springs, power springs, and spiral springs). By calculating stresses and comparing similar existing designs, our engineering staff has the means to find the correct spring for your unique application. The custom coilers of Spring Dynamics, Inc. design, support our counterbalance spring department. This equipment enables us to produce springs to the exacting tolerances required for the automotive hardware market, the appliance and furniture markets, or whatever your application may need. These machines enable us to offer our customers unsurpassed quality at highly competitive prices. Current Applications Available Finishes Parking Brakes High Temperature Grease Window Regulators Rust Preventitive Oils Hood Assists Phosphate Coatings Reclining Seats Specific Teflon Handle Returns Zinc Coatings Cable Take-up "Lock Lube"or "Bonderlube"Soap Belt Tensioner Others Upon Request Click here to request a quote! Current Production Material Range* 0.042" X 0.156" to 0.170" X 0.750" *Material Size Range reflects only current production, not production capability. Round/Shaped Wire Springs Within the past several years, Spring Dynamics, Inc. has expanded our manufacturing expertise and capability to include various round/shaped wire applications. For extension, compression, and torsion springs, we are using the latest in CNC coiling technology. Current Production Material Range* 0.016" to 0.126" *Material Size Range reflects only current production, not production capability. Material Types* Music Wire Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon Chrome Vanadium 302 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 17-7 Stainless Steel Phospher Bronze Beryllium Copper *Other Material types and sizes are available upon request. Prototype Support Our in-house, highly specialized prototyping department is capable of manufacturing a myriad of springs as well as wire forms, wave washers and other custom products. Small quantities based on design data in as little as 24 hours. No minimum orderquantity, we will make as little as one piece. Dimensional Layout and Material Certification supplied. Developmental Durability Test supportalsoavailable. Design Support Our engineers use: SMI Spring Design Software, SDI Counterbalance Spring Design, AutoCAD Release 2000i Spring Dynamics' Tool RoomThe Spring Dynamics' Tool Room can design, build, refurbish and maintain all production and prototype spring tooling on premises. Our checking gages and test fixtures are also designed in house. Each tool used is of the utmost quality and is created using only the highest grades of commercially available tool steels and carbides available. We strive to maintain the highest standard of quality, but should an issue arise during development and manufacturing, our talented engineering team will address each detail in a timely and proficient manner utilizing such resources as product design, prototyping and capability studies. Proclaimed as the best in the industry with regards to quality, delivery and service, all of our team members are thoroughly trained in every facet of spring manufacturing and continuously attend training sessions to enhance their skills. Housed intwostrategically located sites, our manufacturing process propagatesshorter lead times and only the highest quality product.

World Known Mfg. Co., Ltd

TaiChuang, T'ai-chung


World Known Mfg. Co., Ltd Product Item: Ductile iron gray iron castings machined parts :1. Automobile Parts: Brake disc rotors Brake drums, Engine Transmission Parts, Steering Structure Parts2. Machinery Parts: Hydraulic Machinery Parts, Compressor Parts3. Valves Parts: Butterfly Valve , Resilient seat gate valve . Nature of Business: Manufacturer, ExporterTarget Market: Global MarketsPercentage Exports: 80%Minimum Order: Deal by Project Specific DemandPayment Terms: L/C , T/T or As ContractStaff: 190Factory Area: 8250 square metersMajor Customers: 1st,2nd Tier Supplier for OEM market. Reputed Brand and Design for Aftermarket.Export Port: Taichung port, Keelung port, Kaohsiung port,Fuzhou port Product Item:Product Item:


Bangalore, Karnataka


MicroLOGIX Embedded Controls Pvt. Ltd.,

Cardone Industries

Philadephia, Pennsylvania


Since its beginning over 45 years ago, CARDONE has grown from six employees into the largest privately-held automotive parts remanufacturer in the world. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, CARDONE now employs over 6,000 employees with additional facilities in California, Texas, Mexico and Canada. We have developed a machine shop with many capabilities at the highest quality. We are able to use the foundation we have developed for remanufacturing to manufacture new products that meet customer requirements every time on time.

Local Basic Sdn Bhd

Nusajaya, Johor


Introduction For The Best Of Constract ManufacturingLocal Basic Sdn. Bhd. started out in 1995 as a contract manufacturer with only 300 workers and 50 staff members specializing in custom-made solutions for manufactured parts for all kinds of metals. We have grown from a 60,000 sq. ft. factory to our present location in Gelang Patah which houses over 300,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff to cater to the most stringent requirement. Our modern facility has propelled us to greater heights by providing our customers a true one-stop solution service in one location. We are indeed a contract manufacturer of choice in the region. Corporate Data Company Registration No. : 355228-D Date Established : 14th August 1995 Registered Address : No. 11 Lengkok NIP 1/1, Taman Industri Nusajaya 1, 80800 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia. Telephone No. : +607-531 1831, 531 1832 / 277 3588 (HL) Fax No. : +607- 531 1833 Email Website Paid Up Capital : RM 10.0 million Banker : Bumiputra-Commerce Bank, United Overseas Bank, AmBank, Hong Leong Bank Total Factory Space : 300,000 sq. ft.

FS Precision Tech

Compton, California


FS Precision Tech is located in Compton, California, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Die Casting, Engineering & Design Services, RTV Molding, Investment Casting, Sand Mold Casting, Machining, Electro-Mechanical Assembly.

ORO technology (TPMS)

Taichung, T'ai-chung


ORO technology (TPMS)

Marion Manufacturing

Cheshire, Connecticut


The Marion Manufacturing Company is a Connecticut based, women owned, small business founded in 1946 and located in Cheshire Connecticut. The company was started as a progressive die stamper and remains that today and enjoys a worldwide customer base.


Chang Hua, Chang-hua


LAYANA is an ISO/TS-16949 certificated manufacturer of precision stampings in Changhua, Taiwan. Since our founding in 1982, LAYANA specialize in progressive dies,stamping, molding, plastic insert molding and sub-assemblies. LAYANA's products not only strong focus on the Electronic and the Automotive industries, butalso well-suited to the Tele-communicationand other related commercial industries.The core competence of LAYANA is the precision molding service in the field of metal stamping and plastic insert molding.Products andservicesfrom LAYANA arecommitted to solve some of the most toughest challenges for our customers. At LAYANA, our diligent team of professionals is dedicated to customer excellence for more than two decades. Today it still holds true. Besides, we pride ourselves on serving customer worldwide with best quality of product and service within a fair market price. Our business is built on the cornerstone of producing uncompromising quality products and the philosophy of continuous improvement, not only on product itself but also throughout the entire company. Besides,LAYANA's paramountimportance of sales is to offer customers not only competitive prices, but also the best quality of communication service with great passion and experiences under CRM principles. In addition, our outstanding molding capabilities strengthen the OEM ability of providing complete solutions package cooperating with more than 50 local sub-contractors. This design engineering solution includes from design to production in any specialized requirements. Finally, we look forward to a closer relationship and mutually beneficial cooperation with any prospective customers in the near future. LAYANA will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to satisfy your needs.


Kaohsiung City, Kao-hsiung


Respect Her Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973. We have become a professional supplier for metal stamping dies and parts with certification of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. Our metal stamping products are used in automobile, motorcycle, machinery, drinking fountain, electronic product, audio system, housewares and etc. The most used materials are steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper, with thickness ranging from 0.1 to 10.0 mm. Further processes, such as plating, welding, coating, surface polish and heat treatments, are implemented according to customer requirements. Most of our customers are in Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A. and Europe. More than sixty percent of annual sales comes from export and it keeps growing. We promise you to provide products with low price, high quality and short lead time. We are the one you can rely on.

Chirch Global Manufacturing

Cary, Illinois


Chirch Global Manufacturing is located in Cary, Illinois, United States and specializes in manufacturing the following processes: Fabrication, Sheet Metal, Stamping.

Professional Tools & Dies Sdn Bhd

Butterworth, Pulau Pinang


Professional Tools Dies Sdn Bhd (PTD)was established in August 1990, started off in Tool Making business. With the support of our valued customers over the years, our company has grown and diversified into Plastics Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Stamping and Integrated Contract Manufacturing businesses. The manufacturing facility is located in Mak Mandin Industrial Estate, Penang, Malaysia. It is strategically located 10 minutes away from bustling sea port and approximately 30 minutes from the Penang International Airport. Since 1990, our company has been serving customers from both local and overseas especially fromEuropeandUSA. Our comprehensive capability has enabled us to serve customers from Electrical Electronics, Automotive, Medical Devices, Audio, Computer and Printer Industries. This invaluable experience has given PTD vast opportunities to learn and understand the high industry standards and requirements from world market and making the company one of the most experience and capable manufacturer. To meet the high demand and expectation from our customers, we have implemented world class software Oracle ERP System to assist and provide a better service to our customers. Our Products Services Over the years, Professional Tools Dies has developed and provide a wide range of Manufacturing Services to meet the needs of our customers. Our dedicated engineering teams always provide strong engineering support in Earlier Supplier Involvement (E.S.I.), Process CP CPK Capability Study and FMEA. Our various in-house facilities, coupled with state of the art machineries and equipments to ensure that our products are designed and developed at most competitive cost and high quality. Contract Manufacturing · Module Assembly · Box Build Assembly · Clean Room Assembly Tooling · Engineering Plastic Injection Mold · Sheet Metal Stamping Die · Jig Measuring Fixture · Die cast molds · Die cut tool Plastic Injection Molding · Different types of materials/resins are used to support our customers need · Wide range of injection machines supporting different part sizes Sheet Metal Stamping · Bending · Forming · Progressive Stamping · Robotic MIG and Spot Welding · Tapping · Spinning · Clinching Secondary Processes · Tampo pad printing · Silkscreen printing · Ultrasonic welding · Hot Stamping · Heat Staking · Ultrasonic Cleaning · Coating Engineering Services and Support · Early Concept and Supplier Involvement · Project Management · New Product Introduction · Design for Manufacturing · Products Collaboration and Development · Capability Studies and Analysis · Mold Flow Analysis · FMEA Sourcing and Procurement Services · We assist our customers in sourcing and procurement for all the standard and non-standard purchased items Our Quality Professional Tools Dies emphasize the importance on the quality of products and services delivered. To ensure that quality is to our customers' satisfaction, our company applies Quality Management principles. Our company will ensure that resources are made available to ensure both customers and our goals and objectives are achieved. These include training for employees, using latest state-of-the-art tools and equipments, custom designed jigs and fixtures. Our Quality Policy · Low DPPM · Competitive Cost · On Time Delivery

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